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Advent A/C Frequently Asked Questions

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ACRG14 ACRG15 Electric Heat I have an electric heat strip. Which lower ceiling assembly do I need? You need the ACRG15. TBACRG11-001
ACRG14 ACRG15 Furnace I have a LP furnace. Which lower ceiling assembly do I need? The ACRG14 and ACRG15 are compatible. TBACRG11-001
AC135 AC150 ACM135 ACM150 Generator My portable generator will not start the Advent AC. Can I install a third-party Quick Start Kit? No. Quick start kits are not required for Advent Air systems. This would indicate your generator is not powerful enough for the AC system. Modification of the Advent AC unit is not recommended and will void the warranty. Use of a larger generator would be recommended.  
ACTH ACTH11 E-2 Code The thermostat is flashing E-2 on the display and nothing is working. The freeze control is either open or not connected properly. If the purple wire is not connected, this will cause this as well. TBACE2-001
ACRG14 ACRG15 How do I identify the lower ceiling assembly? Remove air filter cover to expose product label.  
AC135 AC150 ACM135 ACM150 Coleman I am replacing a Coleman upper unit with an Advent upper unit and I don't want to run more wires. What can I do? You will need to use the Advent to Coleman interface kit, ACCOLKIT. This only applies if the rest of the Coleman system is functional. TBADVCOL-002
AC135 AC150 ACM135 ACM150 Carrier I am replacing a Carrier upper unit with an Advent upper unit and I don't want to run more wires. What can I do? You will need to use the Advent to Carrier interface kit, ACCARKIT. This only applies if the rest of the Carrier system is functional. TBADVCAR-001
ACDB Knobs My knobs on the ceiling assembly won't stay ON; it looks like the shafts are too short. Why? This would indicate that the ceiling assembly is not properly installed. Make sure to install using all screws to keep it flat. If the inside ceiling has a radius, this can cause the assembly to bow as well.  
ACTH11 ACTH12 Digital Is the Advent thermostat ACTH11 or ACTH12 analog or digital? The ACTH11 is an analog thermostat that has a digital display. The ACTH12 is a digital thermostat.  
ACTH12 ACTH11 After I shut my thermostat to OFF, why won't it come back when I switch it to ON again right away? There is a 3 minute delay period before the compressor will be allowed to run again. ADVENTQRG
ACTH12 ACTH11 Cooling Temperature It's currently 98º outside. I have my thermostat set to 70º, but it will only get down to 77º. Is my AC unit defective? No. A properly sized AC unit will cool 18-22º below the ambient temperature. 77º is within that range and indicates your AC unit is operating normally for the current temperature conditions.  
ACTH ACTH11 How do I identify the ACTH from ACTH11? The ACTH says “Advent” on cover. Has Heat Trigger wire (White w/Orange stripe). The ACTH11 says “Advent Air” on cover. Has FURNACE wire (Orange w/Black stripe).  
AC135 AC150 ACM135 ACM150 Heat Pump I currently have a heat pump. If I replace my upper with an Advent, will I still have heat pump capability? No. Not at this time.  
ACTH11 Celsius My set point and room temp are both extremely low numbers. Why? The thermostat may not be set to the default Fahrenheit mode. Please adjust DIP switch #2 to the ON position. The DIP switches are located under the cover of the thermostat. TBACTH-002
AC135 AC150 ACM135 ACM150 I just replaced my upper unit with an Advent Air and the upper unit won’t run. What should I do? Verify that your existing control box and thermostat are both fully functional. Then contact ASA Tech Support for further troubleshooting.  
AC135 AC150 ACM135 ACM150 Cometic Freeze Control I'm replacing a Dometic upper unit with an Advent; the freeze control has a clip for the evaporator coil end loop. How can i connect the freeze control? You will need to replace the freeze control with the newer style Dometic freeze control that inserts into the coil.  
ACTH11 ACTH12 Is it possible to have the Advent thermostat always display the current temperature instead of turning off? Yes, this can be done by changing the DIP switch #1 from the OFF position (default) to the ON position (ACTH11 only). TBACTH-001
ACM135 ACM150 AC135 AC150 Dometic I have a Dometic system that has a bad upper unit. Can I replace just the upper with an Advent without changing the thermostat and relay kit? Yes, the Advent AC135, ACM135, AC150 & ACM150 upper units will plug directly into many current model Dometic units. TBACDOMPNP-001

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