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Advent Air Returns

Program Details

If you should run across a JENSEN or Voyager product issue, have your repair technician call ASA’s experienced troubleshooting team while the product is still installed and we’ll help you sort out the problem.

  • If the unit is determined to be a possible manufacturing defect, you will have to provide the ASA rep with the following information:
    • ASA return authorization number (RA)
    • Model number of the product
    • Serial number of the product
    • Proof of purchase (POP) (original dealership or consumer)
    • OEM claim number, if applicable
    • Dealer activity (such as, removing the product)
    • Repair activity (why and what was repaired) , if applicable
    • Time charged and labor hourly rate
    • Copy of dealer paperwork
  • We will immediately ship a replacement unit and a return call tag back to you within 24 hours of receiving the phone call. (An invoice will not be generated for the part.)
  • Upon receipt of the replacement unit, dealers can then reuse the box to pack up the defective unit, write the RA# on the outside of the box, apply the enclosed call tag, and ship the defective unit back to ASA for thorough testing. The unit must be returned within 30 days in order to receive labor reimbursement.
  • Once the unit is fully tested, ASA will determine what type of failure occurred and compute the Dealer labor credit per the attached flat rate schedule.
  • ASA will mail the applicable labor credit check within 10 business days.
  • Labor reimbursement will not be provided if:
    • Claims dated beyond 90 days of original service
    • Product that is determined to be out of warranty
    • Product that has been physically damaged or altered by the Dealer or Consumer
    • Product where no manufacturing defect is found
    • Product that has been returned to ASA unless instructed not to be returned

Flat Rate Schedule

Authorized JENSEN and Voyager Labor Rates **

Time (in hours) Product Description
1.0 Complete roof mount A/C unit (replacement)
1.5 Compressor (and compressor components) - if approved***
1.5 Evaporator / condenser (and components) - if approved***
1.2 Blower Motor (and blower motor components)
0.5 Thermostat, vent covers, control units
0.3 Shroud broken / cracked

An additional 0.20 of an hour will be added to cover time for troubleshooting.

** Time alloted on labor agreement is for removal and installation. These are not to be charged separately. (Example: 1.0 is for removal and installation of a complete A/C unit; not 1.0 for removal and 1.0 for installation)

*** Prior autorization is required for compressor replacement


ASA Electronics Troubleshooting Hotline: 1-877-845-8750